Saturday, January 15, 2011

Real Life Dailies and Building Family Rep

Most of you who know me, know that I love to play World of Warcraft.  I can and have spent hours upon hours at a time playing the game.  Some people can play the game in moderation and I have tried, but once I am in the game again....  I become obsessed.  I have been playing again and spending most of all my free time playing. I have been playing everyday until just recently when something tragic happened in our family.  My Grandpa Ron passed away.  I was with him most of the day before he passed.  He had Alzheimer's and diabetes.  

The week before my Grandpa died I had started working out and trying to become healthy, but I didn't have my whole heart in it.  I will still staying up later than I should because I was playing Warcraft.  The day my grandpa passed I was sitting in his room listening to him struggle with his breathing and I realized I did not want this to happen to me.  I am 330 lbs and a pre-diabetic and not going anywhere in my life.  In my last moments with him I promised him and myself I would get my life in order, lose the weight and be healthy for me and my family.

While exercising this week and eating healthy I have not played World of Warcraft and I have realized that in order for me to truly do this right, I have to stop playing WoW.  It has been a real hard choice to make.  I have dedicated a lot of time and money into the game.  I have made some amazing friends and I will truly miss them a lot, but I know for me I need to stop worrying about doing my daily quests in the game, but I need to do my real life dailies.  Build up my Chris Reputation and my Family Reputation. Make my own body "Epic". 

I worked out today with my Brother.  I did not get a full nonstop mile in, but that is okay.  I have gone from doing NOTHING physical in years to working out 5-6 times a week.  I think I am doing pretty good.  We ran walked 1.5 miles and then played Racquetball and I kicked his trash!  We played best of 5 and I won 3-1.  He might be able to run faster and farther than me, but I can destroy him at Racquetball!  That was a great workout.  We sat in the hot tub for about 10 minutes and then the sauna for 5.  Then we stopped at Subway and had a healthy lunch.  It was very nice.  We are going to make it a Saturday tradition.

I have felt a lot better about myself these last two weeks than what I have in a very long time!  I will keep this up.  I will lose the wight.  I will know what it feels like to run a 5k and more. 


Jim said...

Awesome Chris! I look forward to your daily updates. Keep it up man.

Davey said...

Sounds like a perfect tradition. A new motto I adopted is replace good for better. Meaning that if I am doing good things with my life instead of resorting back to old things I use to do that had no merit I replace those good things with better. So on days you can't have the brotherly tradition, you could have a family workout day where you play and excercise with the kids. Just a thought from this old friend of yours. Keep it up!