Monday, August 8, 2011

Boom Goes the Dynamite

We had a lot of fun this weekend.  Jenn and I both got our long runs in.  I did 6 Saturday morning, and she did 8 that night.  We are both still sore.  That afternoon, we went to the fair with the kids and saw the cows and pigs.  Micah and Paige had a lot of fun.  I bet we walked another 2+ miles at the fair that day. 

Sunday was a lot of fun; we had our OMRR picnic.  They had it catered with some really good BBQ. They also had a raffle. (We won two shirts!)  They also had a fun run.  You guessed your time and the closest to their time won.  Micah said he wanted to do it.  It was a mile run and pretty much everyone got a medal.  It was in the middle of the day and HOT.  Micah got about a half mile into it and and said he had enough.  He cried and screamed the rest of the way in.  It was very embarrassing, but we wanted to make sure he finished something he started.  So we crossed the finish line, tears and all.  That is when he realized everyone was watching him and chuckling.  He turned bright red and sprinted off and hid behind a tree and started crying.  He didn't even wait to get his medal.  I picked it up for him and walked over and gave him a hug. I told him good job and that I was proud he finished the race. I then showed him his medal.  It was like nothing happened.  He put that thing on and showed it to everyone.  He even posed for a photo.  (Thanks, Shannon!)  He also got third place on the timed portion for guessing so close to his time.

Shannon C. took the photo
 Sunday was a fun, relaxing day!

This morning, I woke up ready to go run.  I was getting off the freeway, and lighting struck a building right next to my route. So needless to say, I ran inside.  I forgot how much I didn't like it. I get so bored and really start thinking about the miles and not the run.  I do not know how people do it everyday.

It is Monday...  I hope everyone has a great day!

Has your kid ever had a meltdown in front of a group of people?  How did you handle it? 


Teamarcia said...

That story about Micah is the cutest! Just goes to show you how hard running is... I sure feel that same way often!
But the finish and the medal change everything. Valuable life lessons in there I think!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is 3 and very dramatic, thus we have public meltdowns quite regularly. She gets a warning to get her emotions under control or we are leaving and if she doesn't, we leave. She's been carried out of many places football style! LOL! It's embarrassing but I try to remind myself that the people who are judging me are the ones who've never had kids because those who have them are sympathizing!! Congrats to Micah on the medal!!


Terzah said...

My son was a class A tantrum thrower. He's much better now, though still prone to blow his stack over silly things. Our tactics were removal to the car or stroller if in public (I've strapped him in his car seat with the window down and stood outside the car with my back to him until he calmed down) and his room if at home. Sometimes I just laugh at him, honestly.

Sounds to me like you did exactly the right thing. And now that he has that medal he will probably want to do it again!

Shane said...

Worst one ever was Ethan in church when he was probably 18 months old or so, he wanted to run around during priesthood in the gym and they were trying to set someone apart. His shoes were being loud on the gym floor so I picked him up while they set they guy apart and he freaked out in the middle of the blessing. He did this thing where he would toss his head back really hard and I knew he was going to do it so I put my hand behind his head to catch him, and that made him more mad so he threw his head forward, which carried with it the strength of my hand pushing forward to resist the backwards thrust, and i jammed his face right into my collarbone. So, now I have a screaming child who is bleeding like crazy, i have blood all over my white shirt, he has blood all over him (luckily by this time we had made it to the hall, not the gym anymore), and me feeling a little bit like I just beat my child accidentally in church. needless to say, we went home early from church that day