Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hot Flashes

I am trying to put a positive spin on this..  I have been getting sick the last two months and it has been really frustrating!  I spent most of the last 36 hours sweating like I was working out or wrapped up in blankets because I was freezing.  Not the funnest thing I have ever been through!

I posted my frustrations about it on Facebook yesterday and people were giving me good advice and tips on what I can do.  Then one of my friends asked me if I was going through menopause!  I needed to have a good laugh from that! To make it better, when I called my doctor he told me to take a prenatal vitamin to help me from getting sick.  So not only am I going through menopause, I am taking a prenatal.  So there you go.  Funny stuff.

I hope I feel better by tonight so I can go run.  I need to get my miles in this week.  I have 17 planned for this Saturday!  Kind of nervous, that is the furthest I have ever gone.  Wish me luck! 


Teamarcia said...

Must be manopause!
Woot for 17!

it's all about pace said...

17! go get it!

Molly said...

feel better, are you drinking a lot of water??