Friday, August 12, 2011

I Can Go The Distance

I have always really liked Disney's Hercules.  I know it comes nowhere close to the actual Greek mythology, but I have loved the story and message.  I know what Hercules felt like.  He felt like he had so much potential and was destined for something great but also felt like a nobody or a loser.  We all have great potential, and we can all relate to Hercules, knowing there is something great for us but maybe feeling down and depressed.  Like Hercules, it is our job to get up, go out, and realize our potential and go the distance.

I have been thinking about the 17 miles I am running Saturday morning and inadvertently started singing “Go the Distance” from the movie.  I have been doubting if I can go that far and if I am ready for it, but then I remembered all the hard work I have put in the last 7+ months.  I can go the distance. 

I used to wake up at 7:10 in the morning and make it out the door for work to be 5-10 minutes late.  I would sit at my desk and HATE every moment I was there.  I was not a fun person to be around.  I would rush home, eat a quick dinner, and plant myself in front of my computer and play games until 1-2 in the morning.  I could not understand why I wasn’t happy.  I did make good friends online, and I am still friends with them today, but I wasn’t taking care of myself physically.  I was depressed, and I wanted to be happy; I wanted something more in my life but didn’t think I deserved it. 

I had a wake up call.  I bought two shirts and a pair of pants that were bigger than I have ever bought, sizes 3XL and 46 waist.  It made me depressed, and what did I do when I was depressed? I ate.  You can get the picture. Not long after that, I saw a video of Ben Davis losing 120 pounds and changing his life.  He did it by running.  He went through a lot of what I was going through.  If he could do it, I could as well.  So I started planning.  I had my moment when I realized I could do this.  I wanted my family to be proud of me.

For Christmas, I received a scale, some running shoes and some workout clothes, and I started the Couch to 5K program. It was one of the hardest things I did.  That next week, I got blisters on both of my feet.  I wanted to quit.  My grandpa Ron that weekend passed away from health related issues.  I am built a lot like him.  That was another wake up call.  I promised him that I would not quit and that I would keep going. 

It has been 7 months and 12 days, and I have not quit.  I have had highs and lows.  Like Hercules, I have had to face many foes along this path.  I have also gained many allies.  My wife is WAY hotter than Meg. I should know; Meg hit on me once at Disney World.  I am going the distance. I have lost over 80 lbs.  I have 40-50 more to go.  I am training for a marathon! Before, I couldn’t run down my street.  I put the Glad in Gladiator…  Yeah, that’s right! 

Now is the time to stand up and go the distance.  It might not be the 17 miles I have in the morning. It might be running down to the end of your street.  I know it is just as daunting, but you can do it! 


Shane said...

Awesome!! It definitely makes a huge difference in our everyday lives being able to get out and enjoy running. I know when work, or just plain life gets in the way of running I always feel a little down in the dumps.

Great job - you have made an amazing journey so far!

I am also scheduled to run 17 this week ... been worrying about it all week and hoping I can "Go the Distance"

Will be anxious to hear how you do!

Megan said...

Just to let you know the random connection of inspiration you spread. My sister in law Beth is a friend of yours I think. Your blog link is on her blog and I click on it sometimes. You inspired her to be active and to encourage the rest of the family to as well.
At the beginning of the summer she posted a modified version of a Couch to 5K program on our "Healthier family" blog. My husbnad decided to try it and last week he finally convinced me that I should try it too.
I am not a runner. I have nevre been a fan of it. But This year I turned 29 and decided I needed to lose 30 lbs by the time I turn 30.
My distance right now is that hopefully I cna finish this running program and actually participate in a race.
thank you for sharing your journey through this taking care of your body situation. You can do it too!

Chris @ Heavy Steps said...

Megan thank you so much for sharing! That makes me want to keep going and try just as hard to keep going.

You would love the Couch 2 5k program. It will be hard at times and sometimes the best thing is finishing the workout, but stick with it and do not be afraid to redo a week.

You got this!!

Terzah said...

Great post, Chris! I hope the 17 went well. You WILL do it.