Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weird Random Dream

I have been thinking a lot about my goals with running.  I think it would be great to do a half Ironman in 2013.  That is my goal.  Some of the bloggers I follow have just completed their Ironman races.  When I read there recaps, it makes me really excited about the races.

So, random dream last night.  I needed to fix my bike, and I was supposed to meet one of my friends to have him work on it.  I was sitting outside with my bike, waiting for him to show up.  In my dream, Beth from Shut Up and Run rode by me on her bike, and she stopped and told me I needed a better bike or I will never be an Ironman.  Then, she gave me her bike and told me to use it well.   Then she said, "It is a good day to run."  Then she ran off.

So random!  I emailed her and told her about it.  She said she laughed out loud from it.  Love reading her blog, you should all check it out and follow if you do not already!

Have you ever had a weird random dream about training or running?  Did it include someone from a blog you follow? 


Caroline said...

that is funny!
I dream about running when I get close to race days but no blogger in them so far!!!

it's all about pace said...

most of my race related dreams involve me forgetting something... like pants