Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today was one of those days I asked myself why am I doing this.  I started the run way too dehydrated, and my stomach was not happy with me.  At about mile 2, I started getting a wicked blister on the back of my heal.  The running gods were not making this easy on me.  It was hot.  I was in pain.  I did not want to be out there running.

I just wish I can get to the point where I can just run...  I have been doing this 7 months now, and I know I have come a long way, just wish I was doing better.  I guess I have to take the bad days like today to go with the good ones.

Have you ever been running and get a song or mantra stuck in your head?  Today, I sang most of Salt n Pepa's Shoop.  I was surprised I knew as many of the words as I did.  I also had the LMAFO Party Rock Anthem "This is how I'm shuffling" stuck in my head.  Does anyone else do this?  Does it help you?

How do you deal with these bad runs?


Jordon and Wendi said...

Chris, you are an inspiration to all, even on the hard days. With every step, every mile you go, you are inspiring so many! Keep up the good work. Maybe on those days you don't want to be out there, just visualize face of those you inspire, or those you hope to inspire!

Tim, Jennie, Paisley and Moose said...

keep going, a good friend of mine who is a runner told me it takes a year to be able to go and just run. I asked her because I was struggling with why I wasn't there yet. Some days are bad but do it tomorrow.

SarahLynn said...

Chris, my favorite sport is basketball. I love when I am one with the court and every shot is a score. But the thing is that most games are not like that they are either average or sub par. I don't play basketball for the bad days but if I ever want to enjoy the awesome days I have to play through them and look to the future.
I think the same is true with running. Today you weren't running because it felt good you were running so you would be in good condition for the day when the weather is nice, your legs have more power and strength than you require of them and your mind is at a perfect point of relaxation.
Like any other athlete all you can do is make sure you are nourished and rested a try a push your body a little farther past the wall.

Caroline said...

you will hate this but it is the truth. We ALL have them. Bad runs. The pace is too slow, at mile 2 of 10 we want to cry or die or both, legs feel 200lbs EACH, blisters, side ache, dehydration and hello WALL. The positive is that this happened during training and not during a race. So you learn from it and you move on.
Forget about it.
In the past. It will get easier. I started this running thing 16 mos and 73 lbs ago and it does get better and easier. It does for sure but I still get bad runs.
Dont give up!
You are doing great.