Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hills, Gotta Love 'Em

Today was hills.  I have done hills with the group before, and it was hard. But today, we ran down Plainview.  For those of you who live in Springfield and know the road Plainview, you know what we did today.  I only did 4 miles, and I think most everyone else did 5.  You can see what we did HERE.  I went to Scenic and back to Campbell.  I think everyone else went to FR 135.  Check out those hills! 

I arrived at the meeting place while everyone was starting, so I was a little behind to start with.  I was strong the first mile and was able to maintain my pace, even up the hills.  It was hot, but the little rain did help at first, and then it just became super humid.  You could see the steam coming off the road when cars were driving by.  I almost took my shirt off, but I didn't want to embarrass all the other guys with my amazing ab...  My goal was to always start running up the hill, but some of them were very hard, and I would have to walk up most of them.  It wasn't my best time, but it was a good run.  The only way to get better at hills is to run hills. 

I cannot say how much I appreciate all of your kind words and encouragement the last few weeks.  It has been a very rough time.  I am still not out of it, but I am feeling better and working hard again.  It is good to have goals.  I am so very grateful for Nixa Running.  I was trucking up one of the hills and while people were coming back and passing me, everyone told me good job.  I need that, and it helps me stay motivated.  They are all my examples and heroes.  They are out there doing it!  I am just out there trying, but someday I will get there.

I am also very grateful for the running blogging community.  I have made a lot of great friends, and they have been very inspirational and always ready to give advice. 

Keep working hard.  It is amazing what a good workout and kind words can do for someone.  I worked out for 1hr 45min this morning and burned over 1000 calories.  That's how you start your day!


SupermomE12 said...

Great job on the hills!!

Sorry you have had a rough time. You need to take a step back and really LOOK at how much you have accomplished and how far you have come to put things in perspective. You are doing awesome! It is ok if sometimes things are "two steps forward, one step back".... that is still progress!! :)

Tricia said...

great job on the hills

Caroline said...

Good job Chris!!!
you did great!
it is ok to have days that are not as great..I do...we all do. The most important is to keep at it and not give up!

Terzah said...

Chris, I have indeed read Ender's Game. My husband and I read it as part of a book club several years ago. Very poignant for me to think about it now that my kids are getting close to Ender's age. I keep them away from video games. :^)

Again, good job on those hills. I am from Missouri, too, and I know how humid and hilly it can be there. (I actually lived in Springfield the year I was four-to-five years old, then moved to Columbia where I actually grew up.) Missouri is hillier than Denver.