Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You Are Only As Strong As You Decide To Be

I have talked a lot about how mental running is.  It is so true.  I may start doubting my ability; I do not run the run I knew I could.  I might see how many miles I am supposed to run and think I cannot do it, and I don't.

The great thing about our minds is that it works the other way.  When I decide to have a great run, I do.  When I decide to finish the whole run, I do.  You are only as strong as you decide to be.  We all have the tendency to say we cannot do something or put limits on ourselves.  Our potential is limitless.  We can always do more than what we think.  I was able to run the first mile today a whole lot faster than I normally do.  I set that goal to do that today.  I ran two miles without stopping, but then I got in my head and thought, "I need to walk."  So, I walked.  I finished my route faster than I have before, but I still didn't finish as strong as I hoped.

I need to get out of my head in a negative way, just do my best, and be as good as I know I can be.  Anyone can do this!  This is also in any aspect of life, not just running.  Set goals and work towards them.  Shake off the bad, and rock the good.  We are all athletes; some of us are in training.  No excuses!  Another motivational sentence here!  lol 

You all rock!

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