Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Back.....

Sorry, I have been a little MIA in the blogging world.  I am tired of blogging about being sick and not being able to run.  I don't enjoy reading blogs where it's "I am always sick..." and now it feels like I am turning into that blog.

I wasn't able to finish my 17 miles on Saturday.  I started feeling sick at mile 4, pushed until I was at 11, and then couldn't finish.  I felt sick the rest of the day.  On Sunday, I had all my old symptoms back from my good friend Giardia.  I didn't go to work on Monday and stayed home feeling like garbage all day.  I called my doctor, and he doubled my antibiotics and told me it should do the trick.  Guess if you don't kill it completely it will stay with you and wait 2-3 weeks to make your life hell again when you least expect it.

So I guess on a good note, it wasn't just because I was weak that I couldn't finish my run. I was legitimately sick again.  I really hope to kill this stupid parasite and move on with my fitness goals. 

Sorry for the constant "I am sick" blog posts. I really don't like being sick. I promise. 


Jen said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Terzah said...

Hey Chris--I was on antibiotics for my kidney infection last month and I can tell you I think they slow you down too. I'm not knocking antibiotics--I needed them and you clearly do too--but I just want to reassure you that I think not only is your bug affecting your running but the cure is too. So be easy on yourself while you're taking the antibiotics, get that nasty thing out of you, and then ease yourself back into running, with lots of extra patience until you've done your full run of the drug. Setbacks stink, but look how far you've come! This in the end will be another hill to get over (a big one, yeah, but just a hill!).