Saturday, May 28, 2011

Before and After and Long Run Saturdays

This morning, I was a little worried.  We had a 6 mile run scheduled.  The farthest I have ever gone before was last week, and that was 4 miles.  I also had amazing Philly Cheesesteaks for dinner last night and was worried that it would effect me.

We started the run at 7:30 this morning.  The half marathon group only had a 2 mile run today, so we split off from the big group pretty quick, and our 5 person group kept trucking along.  Then, we started on the Galloway Trail and ran through the Southern Hills neighborhood.  It's called Southern Hills for a reason.  It has some killer hills, and at about Mile 3, I was really sucking air.  I wasn't sure how much farther I could go, but at about Mile 4, I got my second wind and really felt good in the run.

During these long runs, I am learning more about myself and my body.  I am also learning that I might need to get something so I do not get the infamous bloody nipples.  It was very painful towards the end.  I know.. TMI, but it happened, and I am honest!  My calves started getting really tight towards the end as well.

I love my group.  They are a lot fun and funny.  I am the youngest in my group, and we were talking about some funny things today.  One of the ladies, Sandy, said she has a big crush on Bret Michaels from Poison.  We got a good laugh from it.  They are all really nice and have a lot of good things to say.  I will enjoy running with them every Saturday.

We ran our 6.5 miles in 1 hr 34 min.  About a 15 minute pace.  Slow but steady!  

So I have been living my healthy lifestyle for 148 days now.  It has been a great journey, and I will keep trucking away.  My weight loss has not been what I have wanted, but I know why.  See yesterday's post.  Here is a picture that Jenn took of me after my long run today.  Thought I would do a before and after of it as well.


Kelby and Amber-Rose said...

WOOHOOO! Lookin good! You are such an inspiration! Way to go Chris!

Mike said...

I recommend Body Glide or Nipguards. I thought once I got down to single digit percent bodyfat that this annoying problem would be gone but I still get it.

I'm pretty sure it's the moisture that does it. Either from sweat or rain. I just had this problem the other day running a 3 mile fun run in a light shower. It wasn't even a pace that would make me break a sweat given the cool air.

~Beck~ said...

You look amazing Chris! I'm so proud of you!

Cathie Baker said...

You don't look like the same person...physically or emotionally! Way to go!!

wam said...

I used Band-Aid Clear-Spots to prevent nipple chafing on my half marathon and had no problems. I recently picked up a stick of BodyGlide (primarily for biking), and have not yet tried it out.