Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Dirty Dozen

You all might know the movie "The Dirty Dozen."  It's a great movie.  Let me introduce you to a more painful, tear-filled Dirty Dozen.  At boot camp today, I knew it was going to be bad when our instructor had no technical name for a workout he wanted us to do.

The dirty dozen runs the length of the gym then does a push-up.  Runs back the length of the gym and does a sit-up.  Sounds easy, right? WRONG.  We then ran back to the other side of the gym and did two push-ups and ran back to do two sit-ups.  We kept doing this until we reached a dozen push-ups and a dozen sit-ups.  A total of 78 push-ups and 78 sit-ups, with 24 sprints the length of the basketball court.

That was just the first quarter of today's boot camp.  Killer work out.  Loved it.

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