Friday, May 20, 2011

Working out with Mom

I have my long run of 4 miles coming up this Saturday, and I plan on taking Fridays easy.   So today, I got on the elliptical next to my mom, took it at a nice conversational pace, and had a good chat with her.  I enjoy those times to visit.  We used to have every Saturday to chat when I would go help her take care of my Grandpa Ron.  It's nice to have these early mornings with Mom. 

She knows almost all the regulars that work out in the morning, because they all have been going for years. It's funny to talk to them at the gym or run into them outside the gym, because almost all of them tell me how proud my mom is of me for getting healthy.  Moms never stop bragging and talking about their kids.  There are less expensive places in Springfield for me to have a gym membership, but this is where my family works out.  This is where I have made a lot of friends.  I am going to stick with the Meyer Center.

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