Friday, May 27, 2011

Food... It's a Love Hate Thing

I took today off work primarily because it is a food day.  Food Day at my work is when everyone brings in food, and then we eat it all day.  I am serious... all day.  As soon as you walk in the door everyone is scrambling to get a plate of food.  8 am people!  I am just as bad. 

Last Food Day, I was strong up until lunch.  There were cupcakes.  I had a cupcake.  There was also trail mix, and I had a handful of that.  It was down hill from there.  By the time I walked out that door,  I had 5 cupcakes, a whole bowl of salsa and chips, 5 deviled eggs, and who knows what else I managed to sneak.  It was sad.  I am a mess. But, I know my weaknesses.  I ran away overcame them today and made this into a family day!  We are going to go see a movie and go eat at the park. 

But seriously, I need to get my food choices in line.  I am so weak again.  I am no where as bad as I once was, but my serving sizes are bigger.  If someone asks me if I want something, I cannot say no.  I am eating my healthy food, but when I mix it with the junk here and there throughout the day, it is no wonder I have lost very little weight.  So it's operation refocus, reduce, and reuse...  Close the loop (my mouth). 

I know I can do this.  I have worked too hard to let it go.  On a happy side, I am not struggling with doing my workouts.  I love it!  I love running and boot camp.  I just wish I loved eating only 1500-2000 calories a day as well.  CURSE YOU, PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!!!!!


SupermomE12 said...

Part of making good eating choices and overcoming our weaknesses is to avoid situations that will be challenging, so you made a great choice. Maybe next year you could bring a few healthier options so you can eat too, and let yourself indulge in a treat or two.

Have a great family day!

Gail B said...

I totally feel ya on the food thing. total love/hate relationship.