Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How Health Effects Your Job

I am not a big fan of my job.  I graduated from college and moved back to Springfield.  I looked for a job for months and only had one interview.  Our savings was about gone, and I was getting desperate.  I filled out two applications, one with McDonald's and one with a temp agency.  That was how low I got.  I ended up not taking a job with McDonald's but getting a job through the temp agency.  I am not using my degree, and I sit behind a desk all day staring at paper work.  Not what I was wanting to do.  It was a job, and I took it.

Before I started working out and eating right, I hated my job.  I would moan and complain the whole time I was there.  I would picture myself just walking out and quitting.  The littlest thing would annoy me, and the people drove me nuts.  I was an emotional roller coaster.  I was never happy and not very fun to be around, because I would complain every chance I got.

Today, I still do not enjoy what I am doing, and I wish I was using my degree, working in a field I had interest in.  BUT, I am not hating every moment.  I do have enjoyable days at work.  The days go by quicker.  I am more effective at my job.  I am not feeling overwhelmed all the time.  There are still bad days, but I am not on edge all the time.  I am not taking that bad attitude home to my family, either. 

Fitness and health not only effects your body; it effects so many aspects of your life.  It is so good to be healthy, and I am glad I am doing it. 

Now somebody get me a new job!


Chugg13 said...

I know how it feels to not have a job you enjoy all the time. I'm glad that getting healthy has helped. Maybe i will enjoy what I do more if I did some exercises. I'm still reading your blog every day and enjoying the experiences you are having. Keep it up! Someday you'll have that dream job. I'm very grateful that I have a job even though most times I don't enjoy it. Patience will pay off and you'll find something you love. Treat it how you treat running. It's almost more work finding a job than working at a job. Keep up the good work and it will pay off.

~Beck~ said...

That's great! I remember how much you hated it. Good health defintley does affect your job and everything. :)