Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Working Out = WORK

I know why so many people give up.  It is hard.  It is hard to get up at 5 in the morning and work out.  Yes, staying in bed and sleeping that extra hour would be nice.  Yes, lounging around Saturday morning is enjoyable.  Being able to eat the cookies your co-worker brings to work tastes great.  Losing weight is hard.  It is not easy.  People give up all the time.  I know I have before.  I found reasons to quit, to cheat, to not live up to my potential.

I guess this is why I am calling it a life change.  I am WORKing out.  I am fixing myself.  I am a much happier now WORKing than sleeping in or being lazy.  I thought I was happy when my stomach was full.  I ate my feelings.  The few times that I have done that lately, I felt like garbage.  Mentally and physically, I felt horrible.  The crazy thing is that was how I felt every day.  I felt like garbage everyday.  I was used to the feeling. 

I love being healthy, and I love working out.  But, I do not love it every day.  I do not love freaking plateaus.  I do not love being sore.  I do love being healthy.  I used to think that someday I was going to die of a heart attack or diabetes.  How sad is it to know how you are going to die.  If you knew how you were going to die, wouldn't you do something to change it?  Most of those things are totally preventable.  So here I am preventing them; I am living. 

It's never too late to start WORKing out.  You are worth it.  You can change.  I know you can, because I did.


SarahLynn said...

This reminds me of something that Jillian Micheals said on The Talk the other day. She said that she doesn't like the treadmill and would rather stay on the couch and eat pizza all day but when she thinks of her goals and make emotional connections it gives her something to work for. I think that is one of the most powerful parts about working out. That we are able to give up the little moments of pleasure for a lifetime of joy.

Anonymous said...

I love working out once I get started. But, that pillow calls out to me every morning to lay on it just a little bit longer. I feel an accomplishment every day for working out in the early hours to stay healthy. I am so proud of you for making the same choice, getting up and WORKing out.

wam said...

I totally agree... Jumping into the cold water in the early morning for swim practice is rarely something I look forward to. It is however something I have to do in order to meet my goals. I truly believe that having goals that you are passionate about is the number one thing that distinguishes individuals who are successful with making lifestyle changes and those that aren't.