Thursday, May 5, 2011

Micah's First Running Class

Yesterday was Micah's first running class.  Last week's was canceled because of weather.  He loved it.  They did a few warm-up drills. I don't think Micah understood why, but he did them.  He was front and center and tried to do everything the coach asked him to do.

They then ran a quarter mile.  Micah is so funny when he runs.  He does not look where he is going and runs into people.  He was knocked over a couple of times. 
Afterwards, they did a few stretches and some more drills.  They had to have a partner, and Micah asked this kid who had to be 4 years older than him to be his partner.  It was so cute to see Micah follow this kid around like a puppy.  The kid was super nice and tried to explain things to him as well. 

In total, I think Micah ran about 3/4 of a mile.  They did a lot of fun things for the kids.  They did push ups and sit ups.  Micah was a champ through all of it. 

Boot camp was good today.  Thursdays are always hard!


Kalien said...

This is just awesome! When I began my journey of weight loss, I knew I wasn't doing it just for myself, but for my daughter also. I didn't realize how much it would effect her to want to do the work-outs and running, etc. with me! Her little 3 year old self just chugs right along. I love how your kiddos are soaking it all up! What a great gift to give him. I would love to have my daughter join something like this.

C. Crosby said...

Kalien! Thank you. That is something we are very excited about as well. We love that our kids will see Jenn and I love being healthy and in shape.

He really got excited to do this so he can be in shape like Dad!

Maybe there is something like this where you are from. I would just ask your running store/clubs in your area.

SupermomE12 said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yup, we are LDS too. :)
Micah is so cute and it is great that he is doing the running class. So fun!

And you are doing awesome on your weight loss. I hope you are proud. Congrats!!! :)